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Tours in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a wonderful country full of mystery and amaze. Explore the beauty of Sri Lanka with one of our exploring tours or learn the history of Buddhism by taking one of our heritage tours.

Hotels in Sri Lanka

Having your romantic memorable holidays in one of the luxury and exclusive hotels where you can rest and relax. Choose one handy to a beautiful beach or the one located in the middle of valley.

Travel Guide

Get to know what Sri Lanka is like from the country's overview: its topography, climate, people, culture, society, and religion. Additionally, this includes all the valued information if you plan to be in Sri Lanka.

History of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a long history dating back to hundreds years before the birth of Christ. Within this long period a lot of things have happened; the beginning of the country itself, the colonization, the fight for independence and the coming peace. Here is many more you can learn from its history.

Tourist Attraction

A guideline for most interesting and must-not missed places in Sri Lanka regardless of Natural wonders: beaches, national parks, zoological gardens; or historic, man-made admirations.

Adventure & Trips

There are many activities you can do in Sri Lanka, swimming, diving, snorkeling, hiking, and golfing for instance. Choose your favorite outdoor sports to experience the beautiful sunshine of Sri Lanka as much as you can.



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